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This page lists all 1,833 artists that are represented in the Stable Diffusion 1.4 Model, ordered by the frequency of their representation. The tags are scraped from Wikidata, a combination of "genres" and "movements". Filtering by artists or tags can be done above or by clicking them. Each of the artists is represented by a set of 4 images, the prompts used to generate the images are:

  • A vase of flowers, [artist]
  • A woman, [artist]
  • An open field, [artist]
  • A spaceship landing on Mars, [artist]

Everything was created with a CFG of 7.5, 50 steps, and the same seed. These images might be NSFW, I haven't checked them all.

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Thomas Kinkade #1

    landscape artpainter

Vincent Van Gogh #2

    cityscapelandscape artinterior viewportraitchristian artpainterself-portraitpost-impressionismexpressionismstill life

Leonid Afremov #3


Claude Monet #4

    landscape artportraitimpressionismpainterstill life

Edward Hopper #5

    genre paintingamerican realismarchitectural paintingneorealismpainteramerican scene painting

Norman Rockwell #6

    realismfigurative artamerican realismgenre artpainter

William-Adolphe Bouguereau #7

    mythological paintingpont-aven schoolacademic artfigure paintingportraitpainter

Albert Bierstadt #8

    landscape artpainterhudson river school

John Singer Sargent #9

    landscape artportraitimpressionismpainterportrait painting

Pierre-Auguste Renoir #10

    mythological paintinglandscape artmarine artreligious artanimal artportraitgenre artfigureimpressionismpainterportrait paintingstill lifenude

Frida Kahlo #11

    surrealismportraitengraving processmagic realismpainterself-portraitportrait painting

John William Waterhouse #12

    pre-raphaelite brotherhoodneo-pompeianportraitsymbolismimpressionismpainter

Winslow Homer #13

    realismmarine artamerican realismportraitgenre artpainter

Walt Disney #14

    Thomas Moran #15

      explorerlandscape arthudson river school

    Phil Koch #16

      Paul Cézanne #17

        landscape artgenre paintingportraitpainterpost-impressionismstill life

      Camille Pissarro #18

        landscape artthe wrightsman picturesneo-impressionismfigure paintingportraitimpressionismpage(s)section, verse, paragraph, or clausepastelliststill life

      Erin Hanson #19


      Thomas Cole #20

        landscape artpainterhudson river school

      Raphael #21

        mythological paintingallegoryhigh renaissancereligious artportraitpainteritalian renaissanceportrait paintinghistory paintingj. paul getty museum artist id

      Steve Henderson #22


      Pablo Picasso #23

        sculptorpainternudemythological paintingallegorysurrealismpost-impressionismdesignerart of sculpturestill lifehistory paintingabstract artlandscape artmarine artfigurevanitasself-portraitceramicgraphicsfigurative artanimal artportraitcubism

      Caspar David Friedrich #24

        landscape artgerman romanticismgenre paintingportraitpainter

      Ansel Adams #25

        artsy artist idartsylandscape artphotographer

      Diego Rivera #26

        muralistmuseum of modern art online collectionmuseum of modern art artist idmexican muralismsocial realismsocial-artistic project

      Steve McCurry #27


      Bob Ross #28

        landscape artpainter

      John Atkinson Grimshaw #29

        mythological paintinglandscape artpre-raphaelite brotherhoodpaintervictorian painting

      Rob Gonsalves #30

        magic realismpaintersurrealism

      Paul Gauguin #31

        landscape arttate artist idpont-aven schoolsynthetismportraitgenre artsymbolismfigureimpressionismpainterpost-impressionismcloisonnismprimitivismstill life

      James Tissot #32

        realismjaponismeportraitgenre artfigurepainterhistory painting

      Edouard Manet #33

        landscape artgenre paintingportraitimpressionismpainterreligious paintingstill life

      Alphonse Mucha #34

        symbolismposter artistart nouveau

      Alfred Sisley #35

        painterstill lifelandscape artimpressionism

      Fabian Perez #36


      Gustave Courbet #37

        realismlandscape artgenre paintinganimal paintingportraitpainterstill lifenude

      Zaha Hadid #38

        architectural paintingarchitectdeconstructivism

      Jean-Léon Gérôme #39

        academic artneo-pompeianneo-grecpainterreligious paintinghistory paintingorientalism

      Carl Larsson #40

        landscape artgenre paintingfigure paintingwatercoloristarts and crafts movementportrait paintingnude

      Mary Cassatt #41

        landscape artgenre paintingportraitfigureimpressionismpainterportrait painting

      Sandro Botticelli #42

        mythological paintingearly renaissanceallegoryreligious artportraitflorentine schoolpainterreligious paintinghistory painting

      Daniel Ridgway Knight #43

        genre paintinglandscape artpainter

      Joaquín Sorolla #44

        portraitimpressionismpaintersocial realismpost-impressionismnaturalism

      Andy Warhol #45

        portraitpop artfilm directorportrait paintingstill life

      Kehinde Wiley #46

        paintercontemporary artportrait

      Alfred Eisenstaedt #47


      Gustav Klimt #48

        landscape artreligious artportraitgenre artsymbolismfigurepainterart nouveauhistory painting

      Dante Gabriel Rossetti #49

        figurative artallegoryarthurian paintingpre-raphaelite brotherhoodportraitsymbolismpoetreligious painting

      Tom Thomson #50

        landscape artpainter